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Looking for care and support for a parent or another family member can be a daunting process, especially when you don’t tend to see all the positives in the media. You want to be reassured that you have made the right decision in choosing someone to take care of the people who matter to you.

At MyLife, we work not only by regulatory adherence, but also by using ‘the mum test’ we ask MyLife Assistants to always think about whether the care they are providing is good enough for their mum, and to always keep that in mind.

Of course, each member of the MyLife team receives all the training required, enabling and empowering them to perform their role with professionalism and confidence. They take additional training to meet their own career wishes, or for a specific customer need.

MyLife believes that there is absolutely no reason why people shouldn’t be able to choose to live in your their home during the whole care and support needs pathway; from light help and companionship, through to more complex and end of life care we can provide the right people to meet your needs. By recruiting and training quality staff, we can offer the full lifecycle of support and provide the reassurance that you will never need to face the daunting task of selecting another care provider.

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