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MyLife offers a broad suite of services to its clients, from light introductory help at home and companionship, regular daily home care and live in care, through to more complex nurse led services.

The company is managed by an experienced senior team who have been working for many years in support services businesses, some of whom started many years ago as a Care Worker, progressing through to running branches, regions and then to Director level leadership. The management team is dedicated to providing the very best service and are always in touch with the needs of the front line of the business.

Everyone has a real passion for the success of MyLife, and this means providing the very best service to our customers.

We carefully select individuals to join the MyLife team. They must also possess personal qualities aligned to our service values:

  • Passionate – We firmly believe that everybody should have the right to receive the very best care from the very best people.
  • Pioneering – Our “can do” attitude puts the client at the heart of everything that we do.
  • Empowering – Our staff are empowered through better training and professional development to the benefit of our clients.
  • Ethical – Compassion, loyalty and honesty are integral to the way we think and operate.
  • Generous – As an organisation we are very giving of our time and efforts to enhance the lives of others.

MyLife is dedicated to discovering innovative busineses in healthcare that can enhance life at home, such as technology to help with communications.

We are able to offer additional services through carefully selected partnerships with companies and individuals.

MyLife also enjoys working with local and national charities to help support them by raising money and/or awareness.

We believe that looking after our older generations, is just as important as looking after the world we live in, and our future generations.

“MyLife provides care for my 95 year old mother at home. Having had care provided by three previous providers I can quite honestly say that MyLife stands head and shoulders above the previous firms. My mother enthuses about the service provided and wishes that she had been introduced to this firm earlier. My personal experience is that MyLife are extremely professional with their care skills excellent.”

MyLife has invested in using smartphone technology to reduce the amount of time and resources spent on outdated paper based systems. Our staff are each assigned a mobile phone, which is high security encrypted. Their rotas and customer care plan information is sent to their mobile, this means that more quality time can be spent with each customer, instead of completing paperwork.

MyLife is passionate about ensuring our business is reliable, sustainable and not only helps our clients lead a higher quality life, but also that we ensure our business has a low impact on the environment, as well as being ethical.

We operate our living assistance and care operations with the use of smartphones to reduce paper use, and we have visibility of our whole supply chain, ensuring there is no modern slavery or corrupt practices throughout. Please take a look at our modern slavery statement.

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