Personal Assistance

“My Health means I need a little help day to day and I didn’t want
to have a string of uniformed carers coming into my home. My
Assistant feels much more informal yet she is so professional I feel
really comfortable with her, she is a lovely part of MyLife now”.

“My Recovery means I will need help at home for a time.
When I met My Assistant, I was overjoyed. It really wasn’t
what I expected; professional and caring, well presented too.
I also like that they have no uniform because it makes me feel
that I have a friend helping me out”.

Let MyLife assist you when life is getting a bit more challenging or after an operation or accident. Helping you to stay comfortable in your home will be our priority and we can provide assistance from just one to twenty four hours a day. MyLife is a very flexible service and we will change your Personal Assistance Plan as your wishes change.

Get in touch with us to talk about how we can help.