Companionship Service

“My Daughter lives over 2 hours away from me and so just can’t
pop in to help. My Assistant gives me wonderful practical support
and personal care. Also, with the optional MyLife App, my
daughter can access details about all the help I am given”.

 ” My Assistant is a great companion, helping me with all sort
of things, from wrapping my grandchildren’s  presents,
to playing cards and preparing and eating meals at home.
It’s just good to have someone who cares in the
house with me”

MyLife can provide you or a relative with a companion, your companion will still be able to provide help around the home and personal care if you wish, or you might choose to have another assistant for this.

Many older people have family living at a distance, and they are managing their own family and careers now – so often they see their sons and daughters and other family at holiday times. All of that time in between can be difficult, especially if you are finding harder to get around, or are unable to do as much as you once did.

MyLife offers companionship designed around you – you choose what you would like to do. You might like to bake cakes, have a coffee and a chat, go out for a drink, play chess, go shopping. You might like to learn how to use a smartphone or tablet, or start a hobby. We can help with anything you like to do, and however often you would like.

To find out more about MyLife Companionship services, please contact us to talk about how we can best help.